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440 Source
From: $3500.00

The Stroker Kit Experts for Big Block Mopar

(Unbelievable 68 Different Stroker kits Available)

Every kit Includes:
Platinum Series Forged 4340 Steel Crankshaft and Connecting Rods, Rated For Over 1000+ Horsepower
Forged Pistons in Flat Top, Dish, or Dome For Nearly Any Compression Ratio. Clevite Main
Bearings, Clevite Rod Bearings,
Total Seal File Fit Moly Rings, and Precision Final Balanced
440 Source
440 Source

Custom Engine Machine Work & Assembly

Engine block is heat cleaned, then shot blasted, magnetic particle inspected, cylinders are bored .030, .040, .055, or .060 over size.

Bottom of cylinders are chamfered, block is debured & threads are cleaned, block is clearanced for increased stroke.

Block decks are resurfaced & equalized, install new ARP main studs & align hone mainline.

New forged pistons are inspected, measured & recorded.

With the piston measurements we can torque plate hone the cylinders.

Piston pin bores are honed, the big end of the new H beam rods are inspected for size & the small end bushings are honed for proper pin clearance.

Balance rotating assembly, polish crankshaft.

Final wash for block, crankshaft, conrods & pistons. Install new cam brgs, frost plugs & oil gallerys, Install new pistons on rods with spiral locks, file fit rings, check all brg clearances & final assemble of short block.
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